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  • How far in advance should I book a cake
    Orders are taking by a limited number each week. To ensure that your order is added to the calendar, I encourage you to book well in advance. Depending on the season the slots fill up fast. I recommend 2-3 weeks for parties and 6-12 months for weddings. On occasions we offer a shorter lead time depending on availabilty.
  • How do I order a cake
    -Select from one of our pre-designed cakes -Select an image from our Instagram feed (each cake was custom made for our C&N family and the details will be slighty altered for your event) -Filll out the contact form provided and I will be happy to assist you with designing your very own Cocoa & Nuts Creation. -Provide a image as a suggestion for your cake design/theme or colors and let me surprise you. Together we will collectively incorporate ideas in ways that will remain true to my style of design and fit your event.
  • Are you a Nut free kitchen
    NO, this is not a nut free facility. We carry a small selection of products and ingredients that allows for nuts or may have been manufactured in a plant where nuts are processed. At the time of booking, inform us of any major allergies. This includes your guests who will be enjoying our desserts.
  • Do you offer Gluten Free/Plant-Based/Dairy Free options
    I am proud to say, yes! Many of our pastries and cakes are available in all of these options. (Warning: products are made in a kitchen that may possibly come in contact with gluten and animal products) If you have a serious allergy to certain products please inform us at the time of booking. Our main concern is your health and the health of your loved ones. We may have to consider other options that will be best suited for you.
  • Do you provide cake toppers
    C&N will create an edible scuplted design for your cake. Ex. Chocolate Plague, Fondant, Fresh Flowers, Candied Gold Balls or Fresh Fruit. If you are in search of a printable topper ex. (Happy Birthday) with gold glitter, yes we can accommodate. C&N only accepts logos for edible imges. NO trademark characters or photos of your favorite cousin
  • What if I make a change to my order
    All changes will need to be made 14 days before your event date. You are allowed up to 2 changes to your cakes. This includes add-ons to your order. I encourage our C&N family to consider choosing from our selection of mini pastries. Every great party starts and ends with just one more bit.
  • Do you offer delivery
    Delivery service is limited to large orders and weddings subject to availability. A fee will be applied at time of booking. Orders are availble for pick up on weekends before 11am. Weekday orders are available after 4pm to 7pm. You will receive a text message confirming your scheduled pick up/delivery/ time 1-2 days prior to your event. Address and contact number will be included. If you need to schedule a different time please inform me. I will try my best to accomodate.
  • Contactless pick up
    Due to COVID-19 a few changes have been put in place for your safety and the safety of others (MYSELF and MY FAMILY) Once you have confirmed your scheduled pick up time. Send a text message when you are en route. Upon arrival stay in your vehicle. Unlock and roll down your passenger side door and window. A team member will bring your order to your vehicle and place the order on the floor of your car. In most cases we do ask that you have the air conditioner on and directed to the floor. We want all of our C&N Family to stay safe and sanitized. Wear aMASK!!! We can hug and smile with ourEYES.
  • How do I keep/store my cake/desserts
    Place your cake/desserts in the refrigerator away from smelly food. Leave your cake in orginal container as long as possible. We don't want you to cause any damage. To serve your cake, bring it up to room temperature 35-45mins before you cut into it for the best results. Fondant cake may take longer to reach room temp. All other desserts, platter up and serve. To store your leftover cake/desserts, wrap tightly with plastic or place in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. Your cake will last up to 5-7days. Mini pastries 2-3 days. (If you don't get the munchies in the middle of the night) You can also freeze your leftover cake for up to a month but keep it away from smelly food and wrap it up tightly.
  • Do you make custom cookies
    Custom cookies are available at a minimum of 2dz. Vanilla flavor up to 3 colors 3 design styles to include a bag and ribbon. If you would like to add a logo or edible image a jpeg or png is requried. All orders with an edible image must be placed 3 weeks in advance from date of event. C&N carries a selection of cookie cutters but we may not have the one your design requires. The shape of your cookie may be subject to change or an additional fee will incur to order the cutter. Price of custom cookies varies based on flavor, size, and design. Provide your theme, colors and photos of cookies when you fill out the contact form.
  • Sweet gift boxes and platters
    All of our pastries are custom made for your event. We offer a variety of mini pastry platters and sweet boxes that are perfect for office functions, bridal showers, party favors, school graduations and vitual gatherings. Fill out the contact form to receive more info on building your own sweet gift box or platter.
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